CCPIT FTA Guidelines came to Pacific Controls (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for investigation.

The compilation team of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) FTA Guidelines came to Pacific Controls (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. for investigation.



    On 19 May , in order to implement deployment on accelerating the implementation of the free trade zone strategy and building a high-standard free trade network,and effectively enhance enterprises’ understanding of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Yan Yun, director of the Commercial Certification Center of CCPIT, led university experts team, accompanied by Xiao Tiejun, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu CCPIT, came to Kunshan to carry out FTA guidelines compilation and research work.

    In the morning, nearly 50 representatives from various trade promotion agencies, expert teams, PCC controls , KONE Elevator, Jiangsu Midea and other enterprises participated in the research seminar.

    At the meeting, enterprises' representatives communicated with experts and scholars on the use of FTA. While further deepening their understanding of FTA preferential policies, companies also put forward specific suggestions on compiling FTA application guidelines.


    In the afternoon, the research team came to Pacific Controls (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd. to conduct investigations to understand the company's thermostats production process, refrigerator thermostat & bimetal thermostat production and sales, and the use of FTA policies etc. Through "zero-distance" communication with PCC , the practicality of compiling the guide was enhanced.

This survey deeply learns the difficulties and challenges encountered by enterprises in the practical application of FTA preferential policies, and solicits their opinions on the construction of CCPIT FTA service website and the compilation of FTA application guidelines, and encourages enterprises to fully enjoy the national FTA preferential policy dividends. Exploit diversified markets and accelerate integration into the domestic and international dual-cycle development pattern.



    At present, China has signed 19 free trade agreements with 26 countries or regions, and the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) is a representative of high-standard free trade agreements. The "Guidelines for the Application of Free Trade Agreements to Enterprises" will point out the direction for companies to make better use of FTA and RCEP, and will become a desk tool and practical guide for enterprises to efficiently use FTA preferential policies.

    In the next stage, Kunshan CCPIT will catch this survey as an opportunity to carry out greater publicity and greatly improve efficiency, help enterprises enjoy the FTA preferential policy dividends, and jointly promote the city's open economy to a new level.