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◆Application: Clothes dryer,Air-conditioner,Washing machine etc. ◆Function: Temperature control(keep a set temperature)and overheat protection ◆Features: Apply high current(25A).Various uses with high performance,Terminal and CAP can be made according to customer requirements ◆Certificates:cUL, TUV, KC, CQC


High Current Bi-Metal

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Product Description

General Specification
◆ Application: Clothes dryer, Air-conditioner, Washing machine etc.
◆ Function: Temperature control (keep a set temperature) and overheat protection
◆ Features: Apply high current(25A), Various uses with high performance, Terminal and CAP can be made according to customer requirements
◆ Certificates: cUL, TUV, KC, CQC
Product Specification
Model Name Electric Rating Operating Temp. Ambient Temp. Remark


AC ​​​​​​125V/25A,250V/25A -35~150℃ 150℃


PTS-35 AC 125V/25A,250V/25A -35~150℃ 150℃


PTS-17S AC 125V/25A,250V/25A -35~200℃ 200℃ SOD
PW-3V AC 125V/25A,250V/25A -35~200℃ 200℃ SOD


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