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PDV (Air Conditioner)

◆ Application: cold and warm window air conditioner ◆ Function: automatically control the storage and discharge of water according to the ambient temperature. Advantages: the highest use temperature: 70 ℃; small size, light weight, easy installation. Other: water storage, drainage temperature, valve stem expansion and size can be made according to customer requirements.


Air Conditioner

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Product Description

General Specification
◆ Application: Warm&Cold Window AC
◆ Function: It can store the defrosting water in the drain pan to improve the cooling effect, When the Window AC is cooled in summer.It can drain the defrosting water to prevent the drain pan from freezing, when the Window AC is heating in winter.
◆ Features: MAX TEMP:70℃;Small size, Light weight and easy to operate.
◆ Other: Temperature and Shrink Range could be customized.
Product Specification
Model Name Store water Temp Drain water Temp Shrink Range Life cycles Remark
PWV-MD001 23℃ 6℃ 3.5~6.5mm 10,000
PWV-ZG001 18~24℃ 0℃ 5.5~8.5mm
PCC, PCC Drain valve,Drain valve

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